Great stormy day
A lot of wind predicts, unclear whether it would really be 40+ knots or just nice 30 - 40 knots.
So just to be safe, take the trailer with me.
On arrival it certainly didn't look very extreme. But wind would increase a little bit.
Most surfers sailed 3.5 to 4.0, so took the 3.7.

AHD with Banzai 3.7 and Select 22cm
Get out and planing. Set was almost spot on from the start. Jumping went really well with left foot in front, couple of nice high jumps. Lots of back-side wave riding. Couple of times nice wave at the beach and attempted some front-side wave riding, and that succeeded a few times miraculously. Didn't expect me to do that with that narrow AHD. With the tide the water also became more chaotic and more difficult to sail, but with the AHD still quite good to do, heard others complaining a lot.

It was nice, lots of sun, no rain, sailed until I was really completely empty. It was really enjoyable.


Present: Jurjen

12:30 4 hour Wind: SW
Board: AHD Power Wave 253 - Select Wave Warrior 22cm
Sail: Goya Banzai X Pro 3.7 - Goya Ninety Pro 370 - AL360 E3 Carbon 140-200
  Set works very well. Board gives a lot of control, fin no spinouts. Even waveriding sometimes went very well. Even was able to do some front-side waveriding on the 75 liters in cross on conditions!! 3.7 was perfect, in strongest gusts still just manageble, and in the wind holes I did not stand still for long.