Terribly gusty with heavy showers
Forecast: starting Friday afternoon all weekend strong wind NW, up to 40 knots. But with a lot of rain. Already worked enough hours this week. So stopped in time.
On the way to the beach there was little wind, only after Zierikzee the wind became stronger. Wind seemed more westerly than predicted. On the road already a few heavy showers.

Not many surfers at Brouwersdam Zuid, wind had just gone. Everyone was either standing still or was on the beach. Most were going to stop, too gusty. Hesitant to rig up myself. Showers and bad winds... When there was another gust and a ray of sun could be seen, I rigged anyway.

Banzai 4.7 with Goya One 95 and MFC 21/11 fins
After rigging up, the wind was gone again, waited until it was back. Planing and jumping right away. Wonderful to sail again. Sail had minimum trim, so increased the outhaul. Was short-lived: wind gone again. Fortunately, I was close to the beach. Someone swam for 15 minutes before the wind was strong enough to get back on the board. The water was warm. So we didn't think it was necessary to call the rescue team.
Wind came back, but had turned. Needed to get a bit upwind to get to Perrys. During high tide with a shore-break. It was extremely difficult to get through the beach break. I think I was lucky, after some minutes standing in the break I quickly got away. Others didn't even succeed. Once plaing it was clearly a lot more wind. Unfortunately, there was also rain and hail. Broad reach to the beach in the waves tricky. Fortunately got to the beach without a rinsing. But I was done with it.

Perhaps worst/most difficult day ever. 35 to 40 knots predicted and then having to wait for the wind more then sailing.
Thick showers and wind: so occasionally there was wind for 10 minutes and then completely gone for a while. Did I mention hail already.

Brouwersdam Zuid

Present: Gert-Jan

16:30 0.75 hour Wind: W/NW 10/40 kts
Board: Goya One 3 Pro 95 - MFC Freewave (20) 21cm/MFC TF 2x11cm
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 4.7 - Goya Eightyfive Pro 400 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  For the circumstances: I think the best choice, but because of the strange weather nothing was good today. Kit gave me enough confidence and had just enough volume to float.