Lovely short session at the Grevelingendam
Wind forecast was perfect, 25 to 30 knots, WNW, only it was doubtful whether it would be warm enough.
Fortunately there were still 6 surfers at the Grevelingendam, otherwise I would have had to drive on to the Brouwersdam: winter, so certainly not going to surf alone.

Banzai 4.7 on the One 95 with MFC 21/10 fins
Directly planing from the shore. Wind direction was perfect for the Grevelingendam. Outside the bay waves for jumping. Followed by a long wave on which I even had 3 back-side hits. Sailed until the water became flatter, by planing jibe. Back to shore: some waves for jumping. How great the Grevelingendam can be. Increased the trim in the sail slightly and then never adjusted it again.
Got more and more the feeling that my rear footstrap were getting bigger and bigger: Yes, CoreContour was starting to tear.
Sometimes the waves were a bit lower, sometimes higher and steeper. Up to 1m high waves: high jumping!! The One 95 is really perfect for this. Good enough waveriding and control, jumps and jibes easily: enjoy.
I thought it was pretty fresh all the time. After an hour I fell in: a lot of water in my wetsuit. On the shore let's see: I had forgotten to close the zipper: stupid.
Sailed on until all windsurfers had stopped and there were only 2 wingers sailing at the restaurant. After 1.5 hours with this temperature also time to stop.

It was chilly, but sunny: wonderful session.
Lesson for today: Close the zipper of your wetsuit.


11:45 1.5 hour Wind: W/NW 22/26 kts
Board: Goya One 3 Pro 95 - MFC Freewave (20) 21cm/MFC TF 2x10cm
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 4.7 - Goya Eightyfive Pro 400 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Setje worked very well. 4.7 at max trim. Wind pretty constant. Control very well. Set went upwind very well. Back-side waveriding was a lot of fun. Board jumped very nicely,. Sometimes really nice steep 1m waves, a few times jumped quite high.