First storm of the year
15 degrees predicted and up to 40 to 45 knots SW. In the morning the measurements were lower: 25 to 35 knots.
On arrival there were people who stopped with 3.0 and 3.5 because the wind was too strong. Looking at the water, I didn't understand. I didn't see a white haze above the water. Then I don't need my 3.7, do I? Stubborn, I rigged the 4.2. The wind would also decrease a bit after 14:00, so it would be better to start a little too big.

Banzai 4.2 with Goya 81 and 21/10 fins
Sail too big: more trim. Sail too big: over max trim. Oops, wrong choice. In the gusts it was hardly sailable. Only in the wind holes was it doable. Set also got upwind way to easy.
Time to rig the 3.7 and take a smaller center fin.

Banzai 3.7 with Goya 81 and 19/10 fins
With the 3.7 on maximum trim it was good sailing. Strongest gusts were tough, but still doable. Never really stoot still. Sometimes the waves were very good, 2 back-side hits were often possible. A few times even 3 and once even 4 hits: very cool. Made only a few attempts at front-side waveriding: 1 time worked very well. Later the tide came in and the water became more choppy and good waveriding became more difficult. Jumping got a little better, especially with the right in front. After a while, the wind subsided a little. A little less trim in the sail, that helped for a short period, wind decreased further: time to stop.

Unfortunately, I had not brought my old AHD, otherwise I could have tested the AHD very well against the Thruster 81. That will have to wait for another storm.
Wrong choice to start with 4.2, I really should have taken the 3.7 right away. With the 3.7 it was good sailing. Clear blue sky, 15 degrees. Not cold at all, but the water was still very cold. That was a small shock every time I fell in.
Wonderful to have sailed in a storm again with 3.7.


Present: Ronny

12:45 0.5 hour Wind: SW
Board: Goya Custom Thruster 81 - Select X1 21cm/MFC TF 2x10cm
Sail: Goya Banzai X Pro 4.2 - Goya Ninety Pro 370 - AL360 E3 Carbon 140-200
  First time real storm with the Thruster 81. Chosen for 21/10cm fins: slightly longer center with some smaller thrusters, I believe that in very choppy water a slightly longer center is nicer because then you have more chance of keeping your fin in the water: less chance of spinouts.
4.2 was too big. Even past maximum trim did not help in the stronger gusts. Even waveriding was almost impossible: too much power on sail and mast. The 21cm center fin also seemed too big, I got upwind way too easily.
13:30 2.25 hour Wind: SW
Board: Goya Custom Thruster 81 - MFC TF RTM 19cm/MFC TF 2x10cm
Sail: Goya Banzai X Pro 3.7 - Goya Ninety Pro 370 - AL360 E3 Carbon 140-200
  The 3.7 and 19cm center fin were a much better choice. Only the hardest gusts were still a bit difficult, but I could still control them. For the rest it was wonderful sailing. In the beginning, the waves were even very beautiful, sometimes long lines. A very nice one with 3 very good back-side hits. Made a few front-side attempts, that works once, very nice. The Goya 81 seems to have good control, even in the hardest gusts. Due to the somewhat wider tail, the board also continues to plane slowly when you put the brakes on. The board can plane slowly, and that's really nice in a storm. Jumping, especially on the way back to the beach went very well. Going outside I was a bit more careful because of the storm, so I didn't try very often.