Wonderful evening session at sea
Forecast: north and increasing late afternoon, normally typical summer weather, but now with only 12 degrees.
Wind would be best between 16:00 and 20:00, so did not go early to Zeeland.
Surfers were using 5.0 to 6.0. Henk Slaa with 6.0, so then 5.3 is always the right size for me.
Wind still seemed to be a bit disappointing, so I took the F-Cross 113 just to be sure.

Banzai 5.3 with F-Cross 113 and Patrik 32cm
Near the beach, as always, no wind due to the dam itself. After that, enough wind to plane. Beyond the measuring pole less wind and could keep planing on my toes up to the mussel nets. After the jibe it took a moment to get planing again. Wind clearly less than I expected. On the beach decreased the trim to minimum: that helped. Getting upwind was sometimes difficult, the 32cm is a bite small for 5.3 with minimum wind. It was fun on the water, many friends to sail with.
Later the wind decreased slightly, sailing even under normal minimum trim, very deep profile and little loose leach. With that I could always plane, sometimes needing a wave to help. Getting upwind was more difficult. Time for a big fin. Or maybe even the 6.6.

Banzai 5.3 with F-Cross 113 and MFC 34cm
The MFC Freeride 34cm is an older fin, slightly thicker profile and very stiff. But with the minimal wind, the fin works well, no spinouts. Upwind clearly better, could also get planing more easily. Fortunately, the wind also increased slightly, sail could be trimmed at normal minimum trim again. With more wind, the MFC 34 didn't feel too big yet. However, the water became more choppy, and with that the stiff fin became a little bit more work, a softer fin would give more control. Not that I had no control, but I know what a better fin can do.

Sailed until I was tired, condition still not back.
It was fun. Gusty as always with north at Brouwersdam Zuid. I should have taken the 6.0.

Brouwersdam Zuid

Present: Gert-Jan, Henk, Henk (Ouwe), Jurjen, Kees, Ronny

15:45 1.5 hour Wind: N
Board: Patrik F-Cross 113 - Patrik P-Style 32cm
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 5.3 - Goya Eightyfive Pro 400 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  First time with the 5.3 on the F-Cross 113. First time with the Patrik 32cm. Wind minimum for the 5.3, even with trim below minimum, 6.0 would have been better, 6.6 could have worked to. Could often get into plane. In harder gusts the fin was good, I could get upwind. If the wind was on the edge of planing, I couldn't get upwind. Water was sometimes tricky: annoying chop. Board didn't feel too big for the 5.3.
17:15 1 hour Wind: N
Board: Patrik F-Cross 113 - MFC Freeride 34cm
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 5.3 - Goya Eightyfive Pro 400 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  First time with the MFC Freeride 34cm fin, an oldie. Sail at minimum trim, water sometimes very difficult chop, with waves up to 1m high. Fin works pretty well. Never a spinout, even in this chop. Fin is very stiff, doesn't dampen much. Goes upwind really well. Board didn't feel too big, even in the harder gusts. Later sail on medium trim and in harder gusts board and fin didn't feel too big. I'm starting to get used to jumping the 113 more and more.