Bizarrely divergent circumstances
Forecast was 25 to 42 knots SW
I was told 4.2 would be the right size, but my gut said it was a bit small for me.
Wind would be especially good a long way from the side.

Banzai 4.2 on the JP Slate with MFC QS300/11cm
Just before high tide onto the water. First bit of bobbing, then planing. Wind was just a little too south for the best conditions, so the sailing direction was a bit too square to the wave direction. But that would basically mean that we could have good down-the-line waveriding possibilities. Unfortunately, that didn't really work because near the beach there was too little wind for the 4.2. Outside enough wind for some back-side hits and some front-side attempts. Waves sometimes really beautiful, meter high, sometimes a bit more. Unfortunately, the wind eased a bit and I was more difficult to get planing, even with minimum trim it sometimes only just worked. Headed to the beach, half bobbing to grab a larger sail. Before I really got to the beach it started raining: raining hard. With that, the wind came back: StRONG!
After the rain had subsided back onto the water: quickly had to increase the trim in the sail until sail was over max trim. Waves were a lot higher, sometimes long lines and sometimes even 1.5 to 2 meters high. Getting upwind was now very easy, so I could look for the most beautiful waves, or avoid the biggest breaking waves. Made some very nice front-side hits: delicious. The Slate is really good for this. Still not convinced for tight turns, the wide tail makes it trickier, but it was really great.
Sailed until the wind was gone and had to float back to the shore.

Bizarrely gusty. Bizarrely different waves, Bizarrely heavy shower. But sometimes really enjoy the waves. Lots of waveriding. If it was good, it was really really good!


Present: Ronny

14:00 2.75 hour Wind: SW 20/45 kts
Board: JP Wave Slate 96 Pro - MFC QS 300/MFC TF 2x11cm
Sail: Goya Banzai X Pro 4.2 - Goya Ninety Pro 370 - AL360 E3 Carbon 140-200
  Tricky weather, full range of the set needed. From less then minimum trim to over max trim. With really minimal wind, I couldn't go upwind. With a just good power, the fins were perfect. In the 40+ wind I could get upwind very easily. Control was always good. Waveriding wonderful, also front-side went well. Jumping not bad, but did not try that much.