Tail end of storm Pierrick
Strong winds forecast all day, up to 40 knots. In the evening it would start to decrease. Was able to leave work a few hours earlier. I was at the dam just before 4. A few showers on the way, but on the dam it was dry.
Most surfers were sailing with 3.2 to 3.3, so 3.7 makes sense. However, I didn't see any foam and water haze above the water and then I often don't need the 3.7. Opted for the 3.7 anyway.

Banzai 3.7 on the Grip 93 with quad fins
In the beginning a bit of bobbing, further from the beach more wind and I could just plane. Wind was disappointing. Sail ended on minimum trim, with that I could always sail. I went into the water when the tide was just coming in. Lots of water moving, but not really many nice waves yet. As always, that changed quickly after high tide.
Wind was more on-shore than expected. This makes waveriding a little more difficult. But when the waves were really good, there were a lot of nice and sometimes really beautiful high waves (1.5 meters) to be found. Multiple back-side hits were sometimes possible. Found some really nice front-side hits a number of times, even though I had to turn very far back against the wind.

Unfortunately, the wind decreased a bit and I was planing less and less, also the waves decreased. It had been fun: Time to quit.

4.2 would have been better. Luckily not much rain, but a bit chilly, compared to last weekend. Was a fun session.
Saw another seal.


Present: Ronny

16:15 2 hour Wind: W/SW
Board: Fanatic Grip TE 93 - K4 Flex 2x16cm/Fanatic RTM Carbon 2x10cm
Sail: Goya Banzai X Pro 3.7 - Hot Ultra 340 - AL360 E3 Carbon 140-200
  First time with the 3.7 on the Grip 93. Sail on minimum trim. Hardly ever really full power. Fins ran super up wind, only in the lightest wind getting upwind was more difficult. Control very good, Grip 93 never felt too big. I didn't really jump much, I'm guessing not too much pressure in the sail. Wind fairly on-shore. Waveriding was often a lot of fun, a lot of back-side, sometimes front-side and even that almost always went well, because of the volume you can really ride waves easily.