Nice breeze, but wet
Good wind: SW and some showers predicted.
On arrival it was still quiet, couple of surfers on the water. Wind seemed minimal. Even doubted ong rigging the 6.6.
Surfers were all using 4.7 to 5.7. So decided to rig the Ice 5.3. Started the Single Thruster 99 and 21/12cm thruster set.
Wind was in the beginning still south. Thereby it was almost sideshore wind. Outwards sometimes really steep low waves, where you can sometimes jump nicely if you managed to get the board right. There were not many waves yet, but some really nice ones. Waveriding was not so easy, because the wind was so sideshore you could only really do down-the-line waveriding, and I'm not good at it and the waves actually aren't powerful enough either. Wind increased considerably, much more downhaul in the sail. Many surfers already went to take a smaller sail.

To test, took the FSW 102. Even had to get used to it, the board is so much faster than the ST99. That's not a problem, especially on flatter water really nicer. Only with the side-shore wind are you going too fast to really jump. Only option was to bare of wind and then just before the wave, turn the board into the wave. Otherwise you just went over the waves. Wind quickly dropped, sail on minimal trim, mast foot slightly forward. I could still plane, but almost all the other surfers were on the beach. Slowly the wind came back and had to even trim my sail to maximum. Was enjoying with the FSW 102. Range of board and sail are so big. Jumps very very easy. Only waveriding is not so good.

Switched back to the Single Thruster 99 packed, but without thursters, so only 25cm Select under it.
That didn't feel that great. Stance is so different from the 102, I had to get used to it again. Front foot when coming out of the strap all the time: maybe footstrap too wide or too big.
Was also tired, so did not make the effort adjust anything yet.

Wind was great, just a little dip and then he came back again. Rain was always there, drizzle up to just rain, luckily no heavy showers.
Great sailing: Ice 5.3 was top today. Was not that warm anymore.
On the drive home reflected the choice: Freestylewave 102 or SingleThruster 99. I find both really nice boards, but also so different: difficult to choose.


14:00 1 hour Wind: S/SW
Board: JP Single Thruster 99 Pro - Select X1 21cm/K4 Ezzy Asymmetric 2x12cm
Sail: North Ice 5.3 - North Platinum 400cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Sail worked well, needed the whole range, wind slowly increased, so sail had to trim more. Fins didn't seem too big. Jumping did go that great, but with left foot in front, that is not my best side. Rear footstrap also seemed too big, so made it a bit smaller, that helped.
15:00 1.5 hour Wind: S/SW
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 102 Pro - MFC On-Shore 24cm
Sail: North Ice 5.3 - North Platinum 400cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Had to get used to the board, after having sailed the Single Thruster. Wind quickly decreased in the beginning. Sail really at minimum trim, I could still plane, all the other surfers were standing on the beach. Wind slowly picked up, eventually sailing even again at max trim. FSW really nice in these circumstances, jumps really very easy. Wave riding is certainly also going well, be less tight than with the Single Thruster
16:30 0.5 hour Wind: SW
Board: JP Single Thruster 99 Pro - Select X1 25cm
Sail: North Ice 5.3 - North Platinum 400cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Testing: JP Single Thruster without thrusters. Jumping didn't really good that well, front footstrap was too big. Foot was not snugly in the strap. Stance was not relaxed. Maybe I was getting tired, maybe I had to adjust some trim to match with sailing without thrusters.