Afternoon front-side wave riding
Unfortunately, I couldn't go to the beach until later.
Wind had just turned and was less, so I rigged up a size bigger then most were sailing. The wind had turned more to the south, so I took the Goya One, usually better when the waves are square to the sailing direction and upwind is more important.

Banzai 4.7 on the Goya One 95 with 21/10 MFC Thrusters
The wind was back, so I quickly set sail to max trim. Wind direction still a bit too south for the best conditions.
Outwards indeed almost sailing square into the waves. But that also offers opportunities: front-side wave riding. It turned out to be a great day for front-side wave riding.
In the beginning the tide was still rising, also sometimes rain and therefore very gusty wind and chaos chop: so more difficult to find good waves.
Back-side hits were tricky, waves were too side-on-shore. Front-side went very well if I could find a good wave.
After high tide, the water became calmer, fewer waves, but nicer, which made it a lot easier to find good waves.
Often I could do 2 or 3 front side rides per run back to the beach. For the first time I could get back down the wave at full speed: wonderful.

Sailed a lot with Henk, and that went wrong. Sailing back to the beach, both riding waves, Just before the beach, really close to the beach, I misjudged it. I thought Henk was going for a jibe, so I started my jibe as well. I don't see Henk changing feet and then turning back towards me. I had nowhere to go. Luckily both didn't get hurt, boards didn't hit anything, just the sails against each other: luckily everything was in one piece. Bit of a scare.

After high tide is was lovely. Amazing how many times I was able to ride front-side today. Often 2 or 3 times per run: learned a lot.
It was extremely gusty, but the 4.7 was a good choose. Not very cold, sailed a lot without my gloves.
In retrospect, the last hour was perhaps the best hour of the day.


Present: Gert-Jan, Henk, Ronny

13:45 2 hour Wind: SW
Board: Goya One 3 Pro 95 - MFC Freewave (20) 21cm/MFC TF 2x10cm
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 4.7 - Goya Eightyfive Pro 400 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Set worked very well. 4.7 at max trim. Wind very gusty. Very occasionally sail too big, and also very occasionally too small, but almost always good.
Control very well, especially easy planing. Wave riding very good, lots and lots of front-side wave riding. Nice jumping.
Only when the wind was a bit less, upwind took a bit more effort.