Fin inserts by Team Muiderberg

Thursday 17 July 2014

Vin Inserts
Team Muiderberg already know a few years surfing affordable.
Few weeks back there was a discussion onforum.windsurfing.nlabout the price that most surf shops nowadays ask for zTeam Muiderbergwith the message that they have one made: 1.50 euro p/st or 13 euro per 10. They have the most used sizes: 9 mm and 12 mm.

For growing fins I have ever vin inserts needed, so equal 9 and 12 mm ordered. For me a good deal and z

Yesterday I receive them. First impression. Nicely made. Turning just slightly easier than the

I find the min points too small to even the expensive of the surf shop. Certainly the fact that the tapdraad just a little wider may prove very very big plus.

Silicone rings
In addition to the inserts I got also a b silicone rubber rings for vin bolts. Still zn item that surf shops, or not sell, or for 1.00 euro: for a rubber ring ... I myself use faucet proximity, very good quality but with 0.40 euro still too expensive for the target. At Team Muiderberg you pay 0.25 euro, but often you get them for free when ordering. Impression: nice stuff, strong and neatly made. But, the center hole is too large making the 2nd function of those rubber rings not comes into its own: the stainless steel ring to hold the bolt so they're not lost.

Team Muiderberg, tribute to provide this type of alternative solutions for very competitive prices.

If I may submit a request: replacement, appropriate stainless steel bolts with lock nut forChinook outhaul trim roles, in Netherlands not to get, is an English custom.