Windsurf Freemove Sail Arrows Craze 6.2 from 2001
Freemove Sail
Year 2001
Battens 5
Boom 188 cm
Luff 460 cm
Materials Monofilm
(machine translated in 2021) origin
I bought my Craze in June 2002. From the oldSimmer Race 6.25at that time a camber was broken which needed to be replaced. In the store it turned out that they put this Craze away for a nice price. Now I've wanted a new 6.2 for some time toSimmerwith cambers could not be sailed on a smaller board and/or at sea.

This sail is really very light and has a very very easy handling. Claw-First water start? No problem! Really delicious freemove with mySkate. I keep marvelling at this sail, it sails so incredibly easy. Whatever you do with it, nice freeride straight-out by chop. a lot of control, quick correction everything is possible, although the top speed is lower than from a Race sail. Freestyle, jumping, turning and sliding, very very easy handling, very easy. delicious.

Sold in June 2004. I wanted this 6.2 and my old5.4replaced by a5.3,5.9and6.6. the5.4I had already sold, so I sold this one and then bought 3 new ones.

Which is strange in itself with this sail that there is no vario top in it. I have to put a 460 mast in it, but even without extension I can't get the sail rigged that it's high against the extender, no matter how super tight I try to put it. A very short top extender would give the possibility to lower the sail 5 to 7 cm at a minimum trim so that it does get to the mast extender. Now I have only bought a loose mast base, the sail drops again 3cm. Then there's really almost nothing left.
I usually use myUltimate Move, but it also sails fine on myFiber fir.

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