(machine translated in 2021) I should have known. If something is organized on the bank, it never blows. Winds were forecast in the afternoon. Arrive at 2:15. No wind! around 15:30 there will be a bit of wind. around 16:00 the first one start to plan. By 17:00 it's very good wind. At 17:00 the event on Kabbelaarsbank was over and it started to blow nicely.

De Punt

Present: Bart, Hans (Hansie), Martijn (Volvosurfer)

16:30 0.25 hour Wind: SW
Board: Fanatic Bee 124 Ltd - Select Eagle L 43cm
Sail: Arrows Duell 8.1 - Arrows Lance55 490cm - Arrows Ultimate Race 190-240
  (machine translated in 2023) The moment I walk to the water with my set I already feel that the wind has started to blow too hard. First job doesn't go bad, overpowered back to the side and everything to max tightened. Walking back to height just went. Rein overpowered and don't keep the board on the water. Quickly smaller. By the way, was first time with my new Select Eagle fin.
17:00 2.5 hour Wind: SW
Board: Fanatic Skate - Lipstick Freestyle 30cm
Sail: ART Slide 5.4 - Fiberspar Tidal Wave QT 430cm - Arrows Weapon Xtreme M
  (machine translated in 2023) Well finally nice on the water. Wonderful jumping and playing. Martijn and Hans had already gone home. Having to tighten my sail over the whole evening. By the end, the sail was at max and could hardly be held. But it was already getting dark so we had to stop.