(machine translated in 2023) Xtreme Games
Only sailed 1 of the 2 days. With guys like Koen Sonck, Kay Van Berlo and Jordy Vonk in the field, it was very high, toughest race I have ever sailed.
There was wind, and slalom with wind is so incredibly cool!
I was present at 10:15, first register and then hear that they will start immediately. Quickly back to the car, tackle, rigging up and out on the water, no time to think long. 6.0 Trans-Am on the S-Type and go. With 2x crosses I was at the start.

Heat 1
I was able to start about 50 meters behind the field, just in time (or too late). It went fast, speed of the field was high. Could catch up with a few people for the first buoy. After the buoy, I didn't get into Plane. And when almost everyone passed by, they felt like they had finished last.

Heat 2
A little too tightly started. I felt like I was already over the line doing the horn go. But not afterwards, but just sailed on. Sat at the first buoy in the middle of the field. Surfers all around me who went around the buoy at 45 to 50 km/h: VET. After the buoy I had far too little wind to get up to speed and to make matters worse I went in it even when pumping. After that it went well, only with the buoys difficulty getting away.
Time for a bigger sail, quickly went to shore.

Heat 3
Back in time for the start. Went pretty well, started with the other surfers. Fell nowhere, overtook a few people at the buoys who were faster on the straight. Had the good feeling to cross the line somewhere in the middle of the field, that's right. 13th.

Heat 4
Before the 4th start we are waiting Ben van der Steen comes along, was he going to participate? Yes, without a vest he sails along. Ben is really much faster than the rest. After the 1st buoy I am in the middle of the field with a German next to me who slowly crosses, I shout a few more times but no response. I can't swerve and sure enough, against the surfing, catapult and in the water. Just walk and scold that german and then start water again. At the 3rd buoy I have to get around a surfer, get out and get back in, have to start 2x water to get away again. end result, in my opinion last.

Heat 5
Bad start. I was fairly in the back, but had good speed. Someone dropped his sail just in front of me so I couldn't go anywhere and could only go into the water. Quickly start and move on. Could sail reasonably well and overtook a lot of people at the 2nd buoy, I think there was a man or 8 starting in the water, I could cross inside and was gone again.

Heat 6
Start went well. Started in the back but crossed the line with speed. But after the 2nd buoy I saw everyone bobbing towards the 3rd buoy. I also had to float and I soon saw that the buoy would be difficult to reach. So started floating altitude early. I just made it to the buoy, others had to sting. Wind was just too little.

Heat 7
Fairly bad start, didn't get into plane towards the start line. When I crossed the line, everyone was already far away. Fortunately, I quickly got into plane. At the 2nd buoy even a planned gybe. Especially with the buoys people know how to catch up. Pretty good heat.

In the end I finished 22nd out of 29 participants, looking at only the Sunday I had been 18th.
Looking back, it was a very educational day. I should have rigged bigger, almost everyone was on the water with 7.5. 6.6 was just too small to plan anywhere. Certainly when planning away, the HTS would have been better with 7.6. I'm pretty proud to be 13th in my 3 best heats. With so many toppers on the water, it was really cool. When can we go again?


10:45 0.5 hour Wind: S
Board: Starboard S-Type 104 - Hurricane SRA 34cm
Sail: North Trans-Am 6.0 - North Viper Wave 430cm - North X-Composite M
  (machine translated in 2023) 2 Heats with this set of dangers, can plan, even after the buoys the first heat went quite well, 2nd heat bobbed a lot. Trying to shorten between the 2 heats with boom did not work, pin had come loose and stuck in the boom. Balance in the set was good, control on straight and gyben as well.
11:30 3 hour Wind: S
Board: Starboard S-Type 104 - Hurricane SRA 38cm
Sail: North Daytona 6.6 - North Viper 75 460cm - HPL Slalom 177-238
  (machine translated in 2023) Set ran nicely, first time with the SRA 38cm, ideal for the S-Type 104 and Daytona 6.6. enough surface to walk height, and yet not too big. Zels in the thick chop of the match field no spinouts and control. Actually, the Daytona was too small. Should have taken the HTS better with the Redline 7.6. Half the field sailed with 7.5s.