(machine translated in 2023) Cold and drizzly
Today was a cold and drizzly day at the boat ramp (Grevelingendam). On arrival it was still dry, but it was foggy, you could vaguely see the island in the middle. It soon started drizzling, so even less attractive for surfing. However, there was wind and I really wanted to surf. Fortunately, it stopped drizzling later, but it remained cold.

Daytona 8.3
After measuring wind, the wind seemed to be disappointing, had initially wanted to rig up 7.3, but there were people bobbing on the water with 7.5. So anyway the Daytona 8.3 rigged on the AHD GT85, first time rigging, so was a bit of a search for the trim for the sail.

On the water I could just plan, first rakje directly crossed, well around the island to Herkingen. From there crossed and between the islands to the shore, could just keep planing. Couldn't even go wide to the shore, had to sail less spacious because otherwise I couldn't plan. Just a sip and grabbed the GPS and got back on the water. Sailed a lot of distances, and later also did slalom training between the 2 red buoys. Many and hard sailed, some rake more than 2 kilometers downwind.

1 hour PR
Because I had stayed on the water for a long time and could make a lot of distances and by planing, I increased my 1 hour PR considerably. From: 27.3 km/h to: 32.96 km/h. I am also quite proud of my Nautical Mile: 40.33 km / h Quite fast in this wind.


11:45 3 hour Wind: W 11/15 kts
Board: AHD GT 85 - Drake R13 Race 60cm
Sail: North Daytona 8.3 - North Viper Race 510cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) Nice set, control, good speed, okay no top speed, the board remains 85cm wide, but certainly does not disappoint me, certainly average including gybjes it is super. Plane through them easily. First time with the Daytona 8.3. Likes it super, looks like the Dragster in terms of action. Light and stable enough for me. Not as hard as a Full-on racing sail. Delicious. I think a slightly smaller fin might be faster.