(machine translated in 2023) First time Paulina Polder
Expectation was perfect for speed on Pauline Polder, right direction, hard and low tide were the same. So I only drove once to the Belgians instead of the other way around. I even had to go through the Westerschelde tunnel for the first time in my life.
Paulina Polder, small parking lot at the bottom of the dike, on the waterfront of the dike, rigging up in the grass out of the wind. Then a long walk (300m) over hard sand, then mudflats.
On the water you have 2 options: Either along the shore, or behind a sandbank a little further away. Flat water everywhere.

After a short consultation with the 'Locals' my RAM 6.3 on my S-Type 104 rigged. I had already seen that the Belgians were struggling to get away from the side.

After the walk, I could just planered at once get to the sandbar. After sailing back and forth, we talked to the 'Locals'. Wind was disappointing, they were all on Falcon 80s. So very small. Some just didn't get away while I was cruising around. Over 1km of super flat water. Unfortunately, the wind was not strong enough and the angle not wide enough. By going wide from the sandbank in a flurry, the speed was still nice. 60.1 km/h on the GPS. But this spot can be much faster with much more wind. After almost 2 hours behind the sandbank I got hungry, so I had to go back to the shore. The 'Locals' solve this by bringing a backpack with food and drinks. However, I had to walk high to get back, that literally became walking. Since the fairway between the 2 sandbanks is narrow, crossing is difficult and walking easier.
When I got to the shore the o-spotters just arrived, Orion, Jasper and Tafkas. I went to eat a sandwich. After dinner we walked back to do some sailing. Turns out the wind has subsided. Could just/just couldn't plan. So I stopped. After a while the wind seemed to come back so tried a few more raks. But it wasn't much more.

Unfortunately too little wind, but this is a spot of potential. Hopefully once with a slightly better angle and much more wind.

Paulina Polder (Hoofdplaat)

12:00 3.75 hour Wind: SW 16/25 kts
Board: Starboard S-Type 104 - Lessacher B+F Speed 35cm
Sail: North RAM F8 6.3 - North Viper Wave 430cm - Neil Pryde X9 180-230
  (machine translated in 2023) Set ran quite well, could plan early, control was great, but actually the wind was just too little. With difficulty squeezing out a 60.0 km / h.