(machine translated in 2023) WWT: Gusty winds
The forecast was great, 25 to 30 knots. That would be a great workout. I was a bit late, sleeping in first. Everyone was already on the water, most were around 7.8 and 8.0. Hans was on the small side with 7.3. After a bit of chatting I started rigging my Warp F2009 8.0. Had never rigged him before. You can sail a 460 or 490 in it. Chose 490 because I expected to still need my 460 for my 7.0.

isonic 111 warp 8.0
Rigging was easy, and with Nikaj and Ingmar watching, there were plenty of trim tips. And yes Nikaj again thought I had too much outhaul. From now on, I'm going to listen to him. So after some slats adjust tension and boom position shorter.
On the water, the sail didn't feel heavy, but it did feel big. Due to the little outhaul, the sail was very convex and I could plan even with hardly any wind. The SL2 42cm sometimes seemed on the small side, walking height was not always easy.
I missed the first start, so I missed the losing final. I had timed 2x before the start, 40seconds. I get on, step into the foot straps and then pull the sail tightly closed, piece in front of the boat I look at my watch: 25sec. Wow that's early, sail open, calm down. Look behind me see Nikaj.. Losers final and Nikaj, something is not right. Boat is getting very close now. Okay, sail closed and bad luck: 11 sec. early. But because I was so overactive, the rest was also distracted and therefore completely false. Again. And then the wind was even stronger, again 1 sec too early. After that the wind often fell away, a few restarts, sometimes too much wind so I went in a few times. And then at 16:30 the wind completely disappeared, rain at the end of the day.

All in all, an instructive, but difficult day. Warp 8.0 is quite a nice sail.


13:00 3.25 hour Wind: S/SW
Board: Starboard iSonic 111 - Deboichet SL2 42cm
Sail: North Warp F2009 8.0 - North Platinum(11) 490cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 210-270
  (machine translated in 2023) First time with the Warp 8.0. Worked quite well, wind was very gusty, between the gusts I could just plan and the 42cm was maybe just a bit small, difficult to walk height. In the gusts the sail was large and sometimes even too big, with a little more outhaul the sail could be kept longer. Gyben often went well, only went in a few times in the gusts, and when the wind was really less I regularly fell silent.

I had rigged the Warp with my 490 mast. Nikaj believes a 460 should work better.