(machine translated in 2023) No Schotman Cup, but some training
Rain was predicted, but this was even disappointing, rain almost all the way, and after days of surfing in the sun I didn't really feel like rain. As it turned out, I wasn't the only one. There was 6 men present for the Scottish Man Cup: 2 man organization, 2 man goldfleet, 2 man silverfleet. So that was not worth it and after some waiting decided not to sail. After 12:00 it got a bit drier, and decided to go out on the water with a few men to train.

iSonic 101 with Warp 7.0 and Venom 36cm
Especially some gybes practiced with a couple of men with 2 shackles close together. Instructive, had been training a lot on gyben lately. With someone just in front of and / or behind you, it is different, more busy, better pay attention to whether the person in front of you does not fall or falls silent, etc. Sometimes had trouble walking to the other buoy, rak was short and the Venom is not the best fin for this. Just a change of fin.

iSonic 101 with Warp 7.0 and S07 33cm
After the change, it went a lot better with height, and the difference in control? Negligible. The water was so flat that the difference wasn't really noticeable. Practiced some gybes but especially some long rakes to check speed. Could keep up with the other one, couldn't complain, I didn't walk away, but didn't lose too much either. My 7.0 set feels really good.

Let's go to the side for a snack and some tuning. The wind starts to increase quickly, the others also come from the water, take a smaller set or go to rig. I throw my RAM 6.3 out of the cart, grab my S-Type, chat some more, wind increases. Doubt. 7.0 turns out to be way too big. So the 5.7 caught, on rigged.

S-Type 104 with RAM F10 5.7 and Venom 30cm
This was really hard to do. Very hard gusts. Between the gusts it went very well, but in the gusts, sail completely open and then I could just stand. Nice to try, a few rakes dangered, but stopped to avoid problems.

JP FSW 84 with Ice 4.5
One of the other (unnamed competition surfers) hasn't had a wave board for years and actually wanted to go on the water, when I went out on the water with my s-Type I lent him my JP FSW 84. He still had an Ice 4.5, complete set. We sailed with this set for a while, until the wind subsided and it actually became just too small. Was nice again on the FSW84. But water was relatively flat so not much jumping.

2 very experienced competition surfers have tested my isonic 101 - Warp F2009 7.0 set. 1 is over, who now understands why those iSonics are so much in the front during competitions: "How easy that speeds up". The other liked sailing but couldn't really get into the foot straps. (I won't name names because of sponsorer contracts, but I think the first one will have a board change coming in a few years)

It was especially fun and educational. The weather was not good, but most of the time it was dry. Due to the rapidly increasing wind with very strong gusts, it was not easy to sail. Good thing there was no competition, would have only caused problems for the less experienced boys (and girls)

Schotsman Surfspot

12:30 0.75 hour Wind: SW
Board: Starboard iSonic 101 - C3 Venom v2 36cm
Sail: North Warp F2009 7.0 - North Platinum(09) 460cm - Neil Pryde X9 180-230
  (machine translated in 2023) Set ran nicely, control, speed good, only height walking was not very good, but that is the disadvantage of the Venom. We were practicing gybes with 2 buoys close together, and I kept just making it.
13:30 0.5 hour Wind: SW
Board: Starboard iSonic 101 - Select S07 33cm
Sail: North Warp F2009 7.0 - North Platinum(09) 460cm - Neil Pryde X9 180-230
  (machine translated in 2023) Speed was good, could keep up with the other and sometimes ran in well. Water was flat enough for the S07. Good to train gybe-jes with a few men around you. Much more difficult than alone.
15:00 0.25 hour Wind: SW
Board: Starboard S-Type 104 - C3 Venom 30cm
Sail: North RAM F10 5.7 - North Platinum 430 - Neil Pryde X9 180-230
  (machine translated in 2023) Not to do, gusts were so extremely loud that it didn't work. Between the gusts it was very good, could just gyben and also over the chop it ran nicely.
15:30 0.5 hour Wind: SW
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 Pro - Select Wave Warrior 24cm
Sail: North Ice 4.5 - Neil Pryde X6 145-195