(machine translated in 2023) NK Grevelingendam: Day 1: Course Race
Wind was predicted for the whole weekend, not a lot, but enough for nice races. In addition, it could also get nice and warm. For today there was Course Race called, seems sensible, so for me Raceboard on the CAT.
On the way the sun was already shining wonderfully, and everyone was already walking in T-Shirts and shorts, what a difference from the previous 2 NKs where it was often no or just 8 degrees. The mood among everyone was therefore very good.
Quickly register and set up my 9.5. I was quite early, so I could take it easy. At the skippers meeting it turned out that I was the only Raceboard, so today I already won, which is a shame. With some others is more fun and much more educational. As usual, the raceboards start with the Technos, and knowing those kids, I still have to work hard to keep up and/or stay ahead of them.
I just made it a game against the Technos today, not that it counted that much, but that made it more fun.

1st Heat
Pin-end starts, unfortunately the line was quite full of technos so I could only pass through somewhere in the middle. Don't start badly, 3rd at the 1st buoy, cross buoy, too bad. Half wind to the 2nd buoy I walked in well. Downwind to the 3rd buoy I was 1st. Now better sailed back to the 2nd buoy. There I was still 1st. From there well back to the 3rd buoy and then to the finish. The formulas were so fast that I did a little race with Dennis Standhardt, I think I was just before, not that it counts:1st

2nd Heat
Brilliant to start, this time with the technos started at the boat, but last. Those Technos usually lie still on the line. I passed half wind behind the boat and then stuck between the boat and the first techno. Ran well height, no mistakes made. Knew the course a bit now, especially trying to sail as much as possible on the side of Herkingen, there was clearly less wind. The Technos pretty much went through the Restaurant on the Grevelingendam, and there was really less wind there. Very spacious as 1st at the 1st buoy. Surely you'd expect those technos to be better at reading the water, or is it the benefit of sailing on home water? Located 1st throughout the race. Crossed the finish line again between the first Formulas.:1st

Ne before the break the first clouds came and it immediately became a little colder, and then I was allowed to, in my short-arm I had been quite warm. There had been youngsters in swimming trunks on the water, they were now going to put on suits.

3rd Heat
Wind was clearly less than before the break, at the start it was just going, but soon the wind subsided. I had a good start from pin-end. 1 Techno (Ian Versluis NED-402) tacked and came after me. We walked reasonably well in the slumping wind towards the 1st buoy. I got there with a reasonable lead. Together we sailed out of the race, I was always a long way ahead, but the gap between him and the 2nd techno was very big, we had been lucky with the wind on the first rak, which put us way ahead. Downwind planing was soon no longer possible and it became sailing straight downwind. I already saw the Formula sailing towards the side, there was too little wind for (sissies) Race neatly sailed out:1st(Ian was obviously very happy with his heat win too)

4th Heat
Wind remained weak, start was not bad, again 1st at the 1st buoy. Then half wind to the 2nd and then downwind to the 3rd. Technos weren't far away, and those trained kids were pumping, and walking in, so let me do that. Wow, that helps, quietly pumping downwind a bit, not too hard and that CAT really ran away from the Technos. Unfortunately, I was too fanatical and went into the water. When I stood again, the first technos were a few meters behind me, pumping like crazy to pass me. Fortunately we were at the 3rd buoy and we were allowed to walk height again. The Technos did pump, but that CAT with a 9.5 just runs better altitude and faster in this wind, lead ran out a bit again, but not much. Pumping in the downwind rak again to stay ahead of the technos. Unfortunately up to 2x sail in the water and so 3 were past me. I didn't catch up:4th

Nice day, especially in the morning great weather, 4 heats sailed, first 3 went very well, 4th heat some mistakes, but not bad, too bad that there were no other raceboards, because then I can see how well it really went.
After more than 5 hours on the shelf today very tired. Will be muscle pain tomorrow morning, but day 2 of this round of the Dutch Championships.


11:15 5.25 hour Wind: SW 6/18 kts
Board: Fanatic Ultra Cat - Pro-Limit RS 40cm
Sail: North R-Type 9.5 - North Platinum(11) 490cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) Set ran nicely, sail felt nice and light. Especially spacious wind is really enjoyable.