Weather storm and sun
Jeroen also wanted to go surfing today, he is not a fan of strong winds, certainly not at sea. So went to Kabbelaarsbank with Jeroen. Jurjen was going to go to sea, but also came sailing on Kabbelaarsbank because it didn't seem very good at sea.

Jurjen had sailed at sea with 4.2, so took the AHD with 3.7 and Wave Warrior 22cm again.
We had parked at the small bay, with SW I had to do some upwind beating to get out of the bay, I ended up in the wind hole in front of the surf center, a bit clumsy.
Wind was strong, especially in the gusts sometimes spicy. Lovely jumping in the low steep waves. Some tabletop attempts. Once a too steep a wave, too straight up, became another unplanned backloop attempt. Gybing went clearly better than Thursday. Usually enough wind to plane, only in front the surf center, as always, wind hole. Sailed a lot of runs with Jurjen. Sailed until I started bobbing/sinking too often with the AHD, not a good idea: time to stop.

It was lovely, not too gusty, lots of sun, but colder than Thursday.


Present: Jeroen, Jurjen

14:30 2 hour Wind: SW 30/45 kts
Board: AHD Power Wave 253 - Select Wave Warrior 22cm
Sail: Goya Banzai X Pro 3.7 - Goya Ninety Pro 370 - AL360 E3 Carbon 140-200
  Set worked very well. In the strongest gusts more then enough control. Set jumped really well. Gybing most of the times planing. Only in the wind holes in front of the surf center sometimes difficult to float with so little volume.