(machine translated in 2023) Nice day, wind not as extremely strong as predicted, but nice and strong wind. When they arrived, everyone was still on the side. Wind had only just turned all the way to the west and was only now able to get through. After that, quickly wind up to something useful.


14:30 0.5 hour Wind: W 12/18 kts
Board: Fanatic Skate 111 - MFC Goya Freemove 27cm
Sail: North Natural 6.6 - North Viper Race 460cm - North X-Composite M
  (machine translated in 2023) Nice sailing, but within half an hour from just planing to thickly overpowered. Time for the real thing.
15:15 3 hour Wind: W/NW 16/26 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 II - MFC RON 20cm
Sail: North Dr.X 4.7 - North XC60 400cm - North Progression Comp A+
  (machine translated in 2023) Great, time to test the RON. Vin gives a lot of pressure, makes the board super lively and radical. If you press hard or not at all, there is a chance of spinout. But super fright.