(machine translated in 2023) WWT with wind
In preparation for the Regiocup of Sunday 26 September 2010 there was another WWT the day before. This time we had good wind again.
For a change, Jasper and Orion were there once. Jasper was eager to test his Missile that he had just bought. So I joined in for a while. Water was quite flat at the shore, so should be possible from the bay to the harbor.

The training today would start with improving your trim and how you can work on it with a training buddy: Sail a few rakes, 1 person changes something about his trim, sail briefly again and then change something again. This should give you a good see what the difference in trim does.

Missile with RAM F8 6.3
Had a little little pressure in my sail, but all in all it still sailed quite well, especially in the chop. Better than expected. But since we were going to do a real slalom training, we put the Missile back on the side and caught my S-Type.

S-Type 104 with RAM F8 6.3
I was assigned with Orion. Orion stood on his SX-M with a Point-7 AC-1. But for Orion, that AC-1 was actually too small, so we could hardly sail together. I was already halfway through or on the other side before Orion got into plane, unfortunately not really a useful session. We did see if we could do something about Orion's trim so that it could plan earlier.

After lunch we went sailing practice competitions. They went well, I'm starting to know this set better and better and with that it goes better and better in practice matches.

At one of the races I was just behind Coen Swijnenburg, Marco van Boven and a 3rd surfer, they are about 3 next to each other when they go into the gybe. I stay behind them in the middle. After my sail flip I only see 2 surfers, I quickly look for the 3rd. I see Coen a few feet next to my board, sail right in front of me. With 1 meter left no chance to swerve, I spun over Coen's sail myself. Damage: small dent in Coen's mast, sail torn and a dent in my C3 D2 36cm. Fortunately, me and Coen had nothing of their own. Coen was picked up by boat and I sailed to shore myself. Coen's mast was whole, but everyone thought it better not to use it anymore. That is given up to the insurance. My fin has a big dent and crack, I wonder if it is still usable. Too bad because was really a top fin!


11:45 0.25 hour Wind: N/NW
Board: F2 Missile - Lessacher B+F Speed 30cm
Sail: North RAM F8 6.3 - North Viper Wave 430cm - Neil Pryde X9 180-230
12:00 4 hour Wind: NW
Board: Starboard S-Type 104 - C3 D2 36cm
Sail: North RAM F8 6.3 - North Viper Wave 430cm - Neil Pryde X9 180-230
  (machine translated in 2023) Set sailed well, despite the gusty wind I could almost always just plan in the hardest gusts I could still sail. Only gyben in the hardest gusts was disappointing. Towards the end in a gybe against Coens set sailed, dent in my C3 D2.. BALES!