(machine translated in 2023) Regiocup South: Last day
Last chance to get points my last chance to get in front of Patrick van Mol.

On arrival rain and windless. After the shower the wind returned a bit, but was W/NW, while N was predicted.
Started rigging GT85 with Daytona 8.3. Hesitant to add the R-Type 9.5.

1st heat
Good start, 3rd over the line, but from the boat there was already a shout: FUN-RACE and the flag for it went up. So this heat wasn't going to count. At the first buoy I was already behind Patrick who had started first. After the first buoy after Patrick, I notice after about 200 meters that he goes to buoy 4 instead of 2. I still try to walk high to buoy 2, but soon noticed that that never worked. So I went after Patrick to catch up with him. After buoy 4 back to buoy 3, just before buoy 3 I was really hot on Patrick's heels. After the buoy pumped and immediately passed Patrick. Another attempt to round buoy 4 again, but couldn't really get there, was just a fun race after all. Somewhere next to buoy 4 gybed and well over the finish line first.

Just standing at the start of the goldfleet. Wind had picked up considerably due to a shower. Some were hoping for a quick start because they were on a small set, others wanted to start a while later and secretly hoped for an overall false. With less than a minute left on the clock, the starting boat drifts away: Anchor loose and thus lost... Waiting until the boat was back with a new anchor, and the wind had subsided again.

2nd heat
Bad start, I think was the last to go. 6 or 8 men for me. But yes, little wind and the GT85. For the first buoy the first few surfers and so further and further forward. From buoy 2 only Coen and Patrick in front of me. After buoy 3 pumps and Coen over and after buoy 4 patrick was still a bit ahead of me but ana bobbing. Pumps, Pumps, Pumps and I passed him. First point won on him!... No, unfortunately this also turned out to be a fun race. What a pity. But it did give a very satisfied feeling.

After the 2nd heat there was a break.
During the break there was quite a bit of discussion about the choice for a downwind slalom course with 4 buoys and 2 boats in this kind of gusty conditions. When the wind turns you always have to shift 3 things to get the track right again, why not just an 8 and then further away from the side. The race management went over and we got full-fleet starts and an 8.

3rd heat
Bad start, after the 1st buoy I see everyone sailing in the wrong direction. I do sail towards buoy 2 and notice that it is indeed very high. With the GT85 I make it easy, but just when I'm there it's a whistle. Heat blown off, track was not right. Zeikers: you just have to get good stuff..

4th heat
Pretty good start. At the 1st buoy there is pressure. Then I noticed that I was short of speed on the straights. 8.3 felt very big and the GT85 especially. Finally a valid heat. Afterwards 2nd in the Silverfleet. Patrick was faster, but he was very far in front among the Goldfleet surfers.

After the heat there were some gold fleet surfers at the boat. Buoy 1 was indeed still too low. Postponement was lifted, adjusting the track again. I decide to go straight to the side for a smaller fin or other board. I see a fast boat laying the 1st higher and a lot further away. So a faster board was needed. So the iSonic 111 but under the Daytona.

5th heat
On the iSonic, it was fairly in the middle of the field. I could wait until everyone was gone. After that I sailed reasonably well. But wind was a little less and sometimes only just planned. Finally 5th. Bad heat.

6th heat
First an overall false then a 2nd start. Start went pretty well now. Sitting on the edge of the goldfleet, staying everywhere, Ko picked up on the 4th rak and just before the finish Coen, who according to me did not even cross the finish line because he came out too low next to the buoy.

Finally finished 2nd today and therefore also 2nd overall in 2010. Quite satisfied with the end result, but know that I can really do better if I just start well. Now train hard for next year.


Present: Patrick (Mr skate)

12:15 3.75 hour Wind: N/NW
Board: AHD GT 85 - Drake R13 Race 60cm
Sail: North Daytona 8.3 - North Viper 75 490cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 210-270
  (machine translated in 2023) Set with a perfect balance, plan early with little wind and still walk height. With a lot of wind still control and reasonable speed. Lacked real top speed in the long rakes with a lot of wind. Smaller fin would certainly have been better.
16:00 0.75 hour Wind: N/NW
Board: Starboard iSonic 111 - Deboichet SL2 42cm
Sail: North Daytona 8.3 - North Viper 75 490cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 210-270