(machine translated in 2023) NK Brouwersdam: Raceboard
Today's forecast was roughly the same as yesterday's, as

1st heat
Missed: I was still trimming my set and running altitude and was therefore TOO late at the start. Oh well, have to get used to the board first, go get me used to it and adjust it a bit more. The 9.5 went a lot better, waves were clearly lower than yesterday.

2nd heat
Not a good start, was behind the field with Technos and therefore had hardly any wind. I walked reasonably well at a height but still had to tack once extra to reach the upper buoy, wind became less and less. At the upper buoy I could do a sail 360 with my 9.5 wind away. After some bobbing and pumping some movement again and I was able to go straight downwind to the downwind buoy. In the meantime I saw the Formula fleet start, why? There is no wind. And sure enough, less than a minute to the start, the race management has also figured it out and the formulas are allowed to go to the side. After the lower buoy again quietly walking height, trying to get CAT to rail to grab more height, Saskia was already very far away with her One-Design. At the upper buoy was a white/blue flag bid, race shortened. End of race.2nd

Wind away, so pause, wait for wind. After half an hour the wind comes back and the Technos and Raceboards are sent on the water first, Ton also goes on the water this time: 3 Raceboards.

3rd heat
Problems at the start, flags missed, time my start 1 minute early, fortunately it is Course Race and I can participate again with a lap around the pin-end. Wind quickly increases and I fly well against the wind. Downwind doesn't want to be good, board doesn't lie quietly on the water, looks like a wild bull. Almost at the lower buoy I see the problem: Sword forgot to collapse: Beginners wrong, and that in this strong wind. In the 2nd upwind it soon becomes clear that the wind is increasing more and more and the 9.5 starts to feel really big. The 2nd downwind: sword went in wonderfully, could almost straight downwind, stood very relaxed, ran almost as fast as the formulas that were clearly a lot less relaxed on their boards. Not surprisingly, due to the slumping wind, almost everyone had taken their biggest formula sail: 12.0. This was a really cool race, wow what's that cool downwind flying on a raceboard:2nd
During the last downwind I had already seen several formula guys stop the race because they didn't like it anymore, then those raceboards are better to control in very strong winds.

4th heat
I stood on the shore just before the start of heat 4, watching the incoming tide and the accompanying waves. There was 18 to 25 knots of wind, perfect to enjoy with my FSW84 and a wave sail. So I did that, neatly logged off with the race management and quickly set up.

With my FSW84 and Duke 5.9 I sailed in the waves. Together a few brothers / brothers of NK surfers: Rick and Sven enjoy delicious rakes and a lot of jumping. On my 2nd rak out immediately an on-your-beak run (and that was seen by many people afterwards). It was nice to enjoy after 2 days of slalom / race with large rags with small stuff.

During the rigging, I am already asked if I will participate in the World Championship raceboard in Medemblik. Uh no, this was my first raceboard race, a World Cup, no-way.

So, this was my first day of competition on a raceboard, with the 9.5 the board sails a lot easier than with a Warp. Especially when it is flat water it sails very nice, still have to get used to the posture and look for the right angle of railing etc, but it is quite fun. It's a pity that so few raceboards participate.
It was a cold and not very great weekend in terms of wind. But it was fun again.

De Kouse

11:00 3 hour Wind: N/NE 24 kts
Board: Fanatic Ultra Cat - Pro-Limit RS 40cm
Sail: North R-Type 9.5 - North Platinum(11) 490cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 210-270
16:00 1 hour Wind: N 15/20 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 Pro - Mistral Freestyle 23cm
Sail: North Duke 5.9 - North Gold 430cm - Chinook Pro 1 Alloy 165-227