(machine translated in 2023) RegioCup Zuid: Super breeze and sun too
Wind had already been forecast for the morning for a few days, the forecast only got better towards Sunday, more wind and longer wind. She wanted to start early, so she asked for zeeland. Upon arrival, quickly set up a few sets: iSonic 101 with the Warp 7.0 and S07 33cm, and the iSonic 111 with the Warp 7.8. Wind seemed very strong, so started with the 7.0 to see if the 6.3 was needed. On the water it blew off the planets. Quickly heading in the direction for a little more trim: Yes, much better. Max power and just to keep, ideal for a match, bring it on... After more than half an hour of waiting, we were finally allowed on the water.

1st heat
We're all on the side, is that a flag? no I don't see anything, no that's a bush. No, is a flag. Flag up down. Oh, there was already a flag, which one is this? No idea, can't see it, looks like yellow: 1 minute: RUN. And so we arrived together much too late at the start, sailed well, but was already far behind at the start:9th.

2nd heat
I hadn't timed (stupid), so had to follow the other one, and that doesn't help. All at the handcuffs some people caught up:7th

3rd heat
Self-timed, sharp, few seconds early. Honk, flag on the boat, overall false, I had pulled a lot of people along and we were allowed again.
2nd attempt, started in the middle of the field, not much pressure, did not go to the 1st buoy at top speed. Sailing the entire race just behind BEL-62, he always just didn't catch it. And to make matters worse, Peter Marinelli managed to overtake me with incredible speed on the last rak towards the finish:7th

4th heat
2nd attempt. Had missed the flag, but in my head counted from the 30 seconds and the extra signals from Roel on the boat at 10 seconds. Good start, together with Nikaj, Ingmar and Pieter on 1 row over the start. Well I can never keep up with those 3, so as 4th at the 1st buoy, coen sticks inside and I carefully turn outside. Just before the 2nd buoy Alexander passes me. On the way to the last eboei I see Coen, just going down on the straight: Crazy. I get to the buoy, it's windy there! With difficulty I manage to make a very spacious gybe to remain standing. Nick managed to do better with his 6.3 and was past me.:6thgood race

After 4 heats back to back time for break, some food and drinks, and that was necessary. And also smear, I can already feel the sun burning again: factor 45 on it. Just changed the fin, the S07 33cm underneath and the C3 Venom 36cm underneath, hopefully a bit more control in the chop.

5th heat
Almost a repeat of the first start after the break, everyone was looking to see if there was a flag, this time we were a minute earlier and I was well on time. Good start, reasonable in the front. Set ran brilliantly, flew wonderfully. Gyben went pretty well. Made the whole race hunting for Nik, but that guy can't be caught on small mistakes and therefore no/little room to overtake:6th

6th heat
I had missed the flags again, so time by feeling. First over the line, was I false? Don't think about it, relax, sail! At the 1st buoy, of course, the toppers were already over. Where do Nikaj, Ingmar and Pieter get the speed from? On the way to the 2nd buoy Nick just behind me. He catches up with me as he plans away from the gybe. Behind me I see coen, but space so quietly my last gybe. Coen still behind me. Bang! I'm still standing, but something's not right. Boom is very far away: Trapeze hook broken. On arm strength I only tried to keep speed, but unfortunately I was too slow now and Coen caught me just before the line, the rat:6th
Sailed to shore with difficulty. Quick run for my spare trapeze.

7th heat
Heat missed, had to walk a long way to get my spare trapeze, so I had to let this heat go, luckily I was able to pull it off.

Why does my trapeze break in the 6th and not in the 7th heat. Now I had had enough time.
I hear from everyone who has sailed heat 7 that the wind was blowing and everyone was going to grab bigger sets. Ingmar even started to rig 8.6. So I drove to my surf gear. iSonic 111 with Warp 7.8 and Venom 40cm packed. I already saw Roel get into the boat. Almost immediately flag up. So hurry up.

8th heat
I had to gyben within 1 minutes to start well, I was reasonably in the field, but wind was minimal, board didn't seem to want to move forward, everyone walked away from me. Came last at the 1st buoy. There were people swimming. At the 2nd buoy there was also someone:9th

9th heat
I had left a little earlier because I was afraid of starting late again, finally I was too early, again a few seconds, fortunately I had pulled others along, again completely false. Why is it always when I'm too early that everyone follows me? Couple after runners.
Restart went quite well, was pretty good in the field, At the 1st buoy it was difficult to plan away, wind was minimal there. Otherwise reasonable race, no mistake made:7th

10th heat
With difficulty made it to the start, more than 30 seconds late. A lot of bobbing, but character shown and the race out of danger, hopeless, oh well is no different:10th

I went straight to the race office after the race: End of race? No, she wanted another half hour to see if the wind came back or became more stable. Or, as quickly as possible to my stuff and rig up the 8.6. After walking with a lot of effort high finally to my stuff. Quickly get the GT85 out of the cart, and rig up the 8.6. If a downhaul chorus breaks, you'll always see, just now. What time is it?: 14:45, okay, then they would decide. Let's see if I can see the flag on the side: Postponement, or rather, end of match. Happy.

Final:8thbecome in the final result. Without that broken trapeze hook and a better 10th heat I would have definitely been 7th.

Clean everything up and go home.

What a day, lots of sun and then 7 heats full-power slalom with my 7.0. A lot of guys even stood with 6.2/6.3. And we don't have that often, especially with this wind. Too bad the wind stopped, oh well it was predicted and after 10 heats most of the energy is gone. Learn point today, train and trim more with my Warp 7.8. That really didn't run well, no speed and couldn't run a height. Wrong fin for this wind?


10:30 1.5 hour Wind: W/SW
Board: Starboard iSonic 101 - Select S07 33cm
Sail: North Warp F2009 7.0 - North Platinum(09) 460cm - Neil Pryde X9 180-230
  (machine translated in 2023) Set ran brilliantly, I am very happy that I had trained on this set on Tuesday. Was super tasty on it. Vin was a tad restless in the chop in the middle of the field of surfers. No spinouts, gyben went well. Speed good, could come along well with the middle of the goldfleet.
12:00 1 hour Wind: W/SW
Board: Starboard iSonic 101 - C3 Venom v2 36cm
Sail: North Warp F2009 7.0 - North Platinum(09) 460cm - Neil Pryde X9 180-230
  (machine translated in 2023) With the venom it seemed clearly nicer sailing in the chop, although the wind may have been just a tad lighter. I feed clearly better. Unfortunately in the 2nd heat of this set, on the way to the finish, with Coen behind me, bang, I'm still standing, boom far away. Trapeze hook broken!!
13:30 0.75 hour Wind: W/SW
Board: Starboard iSonic 111 - C3 Venom v2 40cm
Sail: North Warp F2011 7.8 - North Platinum(b) 460cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 210-270
  (machine translated in 2023) I wasn't feeling well on it the first few feet, boom a little lower, moving trapeze strings, no, didn't come well. No time to change much because the heats started again. Speed was disappointing, could not walk height. I'm guessing too little wind for the combination of this fin with this sail. I think I really should have taken my SL2 42cm. Just a few extra training and trimming with this set.