Royal Day at Sea
For good day at sea since long.
In the run-up to the weekend, the forecast for Saturday rose rapidly.
Choose to go to the Blokkendam, hoping to finally have a good day at sea again.
Sails on the shore ranged from 3.5 to 4.7. With this prediction 4.2 seemed spot on.

JP FSW 84 with Ice 4.2 and K4 Rockets 18.5/12cm
Walking to the water, Henk told me that the wind was sometimes minimal and that I shouldn't have too much trim in the 4.2, so a little less downhaul.
Stepped on the board and was planing. Wind was pretty strongy, so increased the downhaul of the sail a couple of times: I love the Power XT. Water was very rough, no clean waves.
The Rockets are very fast, and that doesn't make it any easier on this kind of water. On the way back to shore, the change the fins, a surfer overtook me, good moment to check how fast these Rockets really are.
Closed the sail, board bit on the rail: go. Wow, what a speed, and even some control too. The surfer was quickly way behind.

JP FSW 84 with Ice 4.2 and Free wave 21cm/Makani 10cm
Clearly better with rough restless water. More control, board a bit looser over the chop and a little less fast than the Rockets. The 21cm is small, can not get upwind very easily, but therefore gives a lot of control.
Sailed really well, really enjoyed myself, sometimes water was chaos. Little jumping, especially when the wind became more west, I could ride back to the inside sometimes ride a wave and also jump them.
Some jibes went really well, planing and thight. Had to clearly get used to waveriding, sometimes ride some nice waves.
Even 1 time managed to do a frontside in on-shore waves.
Sailed until I was completely empty, but actually 1 run too many. During a jibe near shore, with backfoot still in the strap, feel on the inside. Directly pain, but not very much, good time to stop.

Was very good wind, quite constant, waves were not always good.
Tiring, but very nice. Hopefully nothing serious with my foot.


Present: Henk (Ouwe), Ron

12:30 0.5 hour Wind: W/SW 26/34 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 Pro - K4 Rocket 18,5cm/K4 Rocket 2x12cm
Sail: North Ice 4.2 - North Gold(b) 400cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Sail a bit large, but certainly not too big. The Rockets are in flatter water, cleaner waves fast and fine, but water was very rough and chaos, so today is not the best option. Did a down wind run with another surfer, het could not keep up.
13:15 2.75 hour Wind: W/SW 24/35 kts
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 Pro - MFC Freewave (06) 21cm/Makani Walu 2x10cm
Sail: North Ice 4.2 - North Gold(b) 400cm - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  The Freewave 21 with Makani 10cm works very well again. Also in the rougher waves more control. Sail trimmed to max trim, sometimes on the big side, but never too big. In the harder wind trickier waveriding. But with a little less wind the board turns really short. Jibes went very well sometimes tight and planing.