Lovely afternoon at sea
Good SW wind forecast, increasing in the afternoon. Agenda had room, so took the afternoon off
On arrival it was not yet busy on the water: 2 surfers not planing: Ronnie with 5.0. Wind should have increased already, but it was disappointing.
Rigged the 6.0 and took the F-Cross 113 to plane early.
Before I went out on the water the clouds cleared and the sun started to shine.

Banzai 6.0 on the F-Cross 113 with Select 35cm
Sail on minimal trim, larger fin, hoping to be able to get planing. Fortunately, the wind came quickly and soon I needed more trim in the sail. Nice long runs. Water relatively flat. Never spinouts. Board wasn't tail walking, lots of control, jibing was easy. Wind increased considerably, eventually sail over max trim. In the gusts, the sail was really getting too big. But the board was still very controllable. The set seems to run into a kind of limit so that the board does not go faster.
It was clear that I had to go smaller. Overpowered with 6.0 I should be able to sail easily with 4.7, always exciting to skip a sail size, did it anyway.

Banzai 4.7 on the One 95 with MFC 22,5/10cm fins
It took some getting used to, after the larger board and long single fin. Stance and sailing style are very different. After a few runs was was comfortable again.
Started the 4.7 at minimum trim. The 4.7 was the right choice, even that was sometimes large in the stronger gusts. Wind had slightly turned to fully on-shore, so jumping over both sides was possible. Waves became higher, so back-side wave riding also became possible. No nice long lines, but still fun.
I sailed on until I was empty. Just been sick so condition hadn't returned yet.

It was very nice. A bit gusty though. But with clear blue sky and wind from the right direction, it was lovely.
Glad I had re-rigged to 4.7, 5.3 had been too big.


Present: Gert-Jan, Henk, Paul, Ronny

14:45 1.5 hour Wind: SW
Board: Patrik F-Cross 113 - Select Edge 35cm
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 6.0 - Goya Hunderd Pro 430 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  First time with the Select Edge 35cm. At first minimal trim, ended with sail over max trim. Sail first in upper outhaul eye, when the wind really increased, switched to the lower outhaul eye. Never a spinout, fin never really feels too big, board didn't fly. Control certainly wasn't bad, don't lift as well as a soft-tip slalom fin, like an SL-X. Set seemed to run into some kind of limit, maybe the fin, maybe something from the trim. The Edge is a somewhat cheaper Select vin, but I'm quite impressed. Jumping with the 113 takes some getting used to, especially because the foot straps are a bit further out. Board planes easily. And also jibes easily, also planing jibes are easy. Footstraps are located perfectly, really nice, exactly where you want them: very nice.
16:30 1 hour Wind: SW
Board: Goya One 3 Pro 95 - MFC Freewave 22,5cm/MFC TF 2x10cm
Sail: Goya Banzai Pro 4.7 - Goya Eightyfive Pro 400 - AL360 E3 Carbon 160-220
  Kit worked well. Getting upwind wend very well. Water sometimes a bit choppy, so the board not soo smooth. Jumping went well, because of the direction I could jump in both directions.