(machine translated in 2023) Reasonable day, but with a very nice sun. Once I arrived, I saw people with 6.0 or smaller planing. So quickly rigged my 5.9 with my JP FSW 84. So that was nothing, so I walked back to the side. When I got back to my cart the sweat ran off my head, it was so hot. Quickly rigged the 7.6. If 5.9 is too small, a 6.7 is also too small. For a moment I doubted whether I would go on the water with the S-Type or the HTS. For the S-Type, a 7.6 is officially too big, but there are more people who sail a 7.2-7.5 on it. Since the south wind was on Herkingen it is easy to test something like this. In the beginning I had the idea that it could be done, could plan, walk height and had control. But it just felt slow, in a half wind or downwind run the board stuck to the water. GPS and feel displayed the same. Not fast! Wind also occasionally fell away, so when Martijn and so on, the HTS came but caught. It ran better, but not great either. When the wind increased further and I had trimmed the RedLine a bit further, it got a lot better. Board just ran faster and with just as much control. Preliminary conclusion: S-Type 104 with RedLine 7.6, no success, maybe if the RedLine is more trimmed though..


Present: Marleen, Martijn (Volvosurfer), Ronald (RonVo)

12:45 0.25 hour Wind: S
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 II - Select X1 Wave 26,5cm
Sail: North Duke 5.9 - North Gold 430cm - North X-Composite M
  (machine translated in 2023) Wind seemed strong, but disappointing. So after a while of bobbing but stopped.
13:30 2 hour Wind: S
Board: Starboard S-Type 104 - Hurricane SRA 36cm
Sail: Naish Redline 7.6 - North Viper 75 460cm - HPL Slalom 177-238
  (machine translated in 2023) Not satisfied, I could sail, also ran height, but there was actually no speed in the board at all. Even when the wind was just as strong, the speed was disappointing, the feeling was rough and the GPS also indicated it. Playing with boom height and Mast foot position didn't change this either. After sailing with my HTS, the RedLine didn't seem to be trimmed enough either, maybe that would have helped.
15:30 1.25 hour Wind: S
Board: HTS Super Fast M - Hurricane SRA 40cm
Sail: Naish Redline 7.6 - North Viper 75 460cm - HPL Slalom 177-238
  (machine translated in 2023) Set didn't go well at first either. When the wind increased and I had trimmed the sail a bit, the set ran completely top again. I was just afraid that I would fly somewhere with my 40cm on a sandbank. Not happening, it looks deeper than it used to be on Herkingen. Speed was better than with my S-Type.