(machine translated in 2023) Regiocup South
My first regional cup competition.. Wind was predicted, not much but enough to sail. Slalom was uncertain, but I went anyway. Was very nice, first 2 heats Formula (Courserace) and then 4 heats Slalom.
On arrival it was reported that Formula would be sailed and if the wind was enough before 14:00, there would be a change to Slalom. I briefly doubted whether I would sail with Formula, don't really have the stuff for it, but also had nothing to lose, otherwise I would sail freely. You can also learn from sailing a Formula race. So I joined even though this would mean that I would surf for the first time with my R-Type 9.5 and Doichet R12 64cm in a competition, not ideal, but yes, you have to do something.

1st heat: Formula
Started with GT85, R-Type 9.5 and Deboichet R12 64cm.
Formula starts against the wind. That's new. At the first start I amWolfgang Draschner GER-3333But followed, he has experience, so he will know. Wolfgang started from the left, but there were almost no surfers there, were they too late for the start? No, at the start line we met all the other surfers who started from the right, they had priority, no problem for me, when I got to the line the largest group was already over the line. Wolfgang, however, had to swerve and came back next to the starter boat, forcing him to tack to cross the line. I walked pretty well altitude. Tacked way too early: Beginners wrong! Had to stab one more time, so 2x extra tack to get the upper buoy. Then the downwind rak as wide as possible. Also took the gybe very early, and had to go super wide to the down buoy, actually very good. After the down buoy again upwind. Again too early, but this time less bad than the first time. At the top buoy, only everyone was bobbing, including me. Just before the buoy I was back in plane and could downwind at full speed. Gybe later, but more comfortable. After the lower buoy cross the small piece to the finish. Crossed the finish line early. 2nd in the Silverfleet.

2nd heat: Formula
2nd start for the same direction chosen, I only had to tack 1x. This time a good tack, with some effort I made it to the upper buoy. Then spacious, very spacious back to the lower buoy, got a flurry, almost went forward. Due to the correction, more flew towards the wind, and had to make a lot of effort to get the board downwind again. Gybe was early, therefore very wide to the bottom buoy, no fun in the thick gusts and chop. After the lower buoy I walked very high to the upper buoy, even sailed too long and then half wind could go to the upper buoy. I still have a lot to learn. Then well down to the bottom buoy, with my back foot between the foot straps to keep some since control. Gybe went completely uncontrollably, towards the lower buoyJeffrey Van Hoe (BEL 6)fast approaching, since he sails in the Goldfleet and I had no control, I let him go well ahead of the gybe. My tack towards the finish was good and finished very close behind Jeffrey. Again 2nd in the Silverfleet.

3rd heat: Slalom
Sail and fin changed and so started with GT85, Daytona 8.3 and Drake R13 56cm.
I was still heading towards the start when I saw everyone accelerate more than 300 meters in front of me. Too late. At the first buoy the whole field fell silent, buoy was a little behind the island and the wind was less there. Fortunately, I had the GT85 and therefore not much trouble with it. Some even had to cross to get around the riser that lay there. Towards the 2nd buoy it was clear that my sail was too big and my speed was lower than many others, I was overtaken a few times. The last 2 rakes of which are especially heavily overpowered. The rak towards the finish was so strong that it looked more like speed surfing. Not nice with the GT85 (next heat the HTS but grab it). Because almost all other surfers had trouble walking and planing altitude, I was 1st in the silverfleet.

4th heat: Slalom
Board changed and started with HTS, Daytona 8.3 and Hurricane 44cm.
I could only walk from the shore with difficulty enough height to get along the water ski track. And was late at the start again. This time only less late than the first time. Again the whole field fell silent at the first buoy. After the buoy I felt a flurry, 2x pumping, on my toes I planned the entire field, except for 2 men passed. Planed past the cars, looked back, everyone was still bobbing. I couldn't walk enough height, otherwise I would fall out of plane. So I had to tack 2x to get the 2nd buoy. The other 2 rakes went about the same, had to cross again to get the 2nd buoy. Still crossed the line in 2nd place, very late.

5th heat: Slalom
The first buoy was raised so that the track should be easier to sail.
Start went pretty well. Was slightly behind the topper, busy at the first buoy, gybe did not go well, but did not fall in. Lost some places, towards 2nd buoy still overtaken by a few men. Buoy was now easy to get. 8.3 really felt too big, you have to keep control. As I headed towards the finish line I was followed by someone from the Goldfleet and he crossed the finish line behind me while he had to do another lap: DNF. I finished 3rd, just didn't have enough control to make ends meet.

6th heat: Slalom
I expected that we would stop, there is a message that we were going to sail another heat, and immediately. So no time for a smaller sail. I was quickly on the water so I crossed the line in 5th place, many surfers still had to cross towards the start. At the first buoy I had to swerve for Marco B, was able to get around it, made a mistake and made a nice catapult. Had to water start 2x to get away, bad! The rest of the heat was mostly survival. Last gybe didn't go well either, sail went half into the water. All in all 2nd, but also last in this heat in the Silverfleet.

All in all a very educational and fun day, next time more sails rigged ready to lay on the shore!
I was2ndin the final standings, with an equal number of points as the number 1, so proud.

Thanks toZW7for the organization.

Schotsman Surfspot

11:45 1.75 hour Wind: S 8/24 kts
Board: AHD GT 85 - Deboichet R12 M 64cm
Sail: North R-Type 9.5 - North Viper Race 510cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) First race course race/Formula. 2 heats, very cool, but very heavy. Usually 10 to 15 knots with outliers to windless but also over 20 knots.. Impossible! First time surfing with my R-Type 9.5, Deboichet R12 64cm and then right in my first Formula race and then immediately such difficult wind. Forgo, but have to say that I am very satisfied with the stuff. Although the R-Type could perhaps have a bit more Loose-leech so that it can discharge more wind. The R12 works well, predictable lift, no spin-outs and control in the hard gusts.
14:15 0.5 hour Wind: S/SW 8/20 kts
Board: AHD GT 85 - Drake R13 Race 56cm
Sail: North Daytona 8.3 - North Viper Race 510cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) First slalom heat of the South Region Cup.
First time with the Drake R13 56cm. Vin did well, no spinouts, ran well height, only control wasn't super. The 8.3 was also just too big for good.
14:45 1.75 hour Wind: S/SW 10/24 kts
Board: HTS Super Fast M - Hurricane SRA 44cm
Sail: North Daytona 8.3 - North Viper Race 510cm - Unifiber Freerace/Slalom 220-280
  (machine translated in 2023) Set ran half wind quite well, downwind the speed was good. Only in the chop it was not pleasant sailing, although I did not fly off.
Wind was too strong for the 8.3 in the gusts, but sometimes too soft to run at all.