(machine translated in 2023) BK Slalom (2nd day)
There was a good wind forecast for today: W/SW 25 increasing to 32 knots. Slalom race held by the Belgians at the Punt, perfect with this wind direction: I had to be there.

The Belgians sail the races a little differently than we do. The group of 30 was split into 2. First both groups a preliminary round, let go and then the bottom 8 in a losing final and the top 7 of both heats in a final. Nice size, never too crowded on the water.

Nikaj Droop turned out to be the only other Dutch participant. All the other competition boys were probably in Hoorn for the Dutch Championships.
A brief consultation with Nikaj. I wanted to set up Crossride 6.0. Nikaj convinced me to take the RAM 6.3, I had sailed it for the first time the day before and then I liked the sail, but immediately sailed a race?

To be on the safe side, I also prepared my Crossride 6.0 and Trans-Am 5.4.

Fortunately, before the start of the first heat, I still have some time to trim my set. Waves were really alla De Punt, fortunately I know them well, that's an advantage.

Heat 3 preliminary round
On Saturday there were already 2 heats sailed (with big sails)
We could wait for the start in the shallows, it was busy at the top, so aimed for a start at the pin-end (downwind buoy)
Had a very good start, I was 3rd over the line. Just after the line, I fell silent. After some bobbing and trying to walk enough height I came back into plane. With difficulty I got to the upper buoy, track was just not right. After the buoy I don't really see anyone sailing anymore, where is that 2nd buoy? After rounding a buoy, I don't see anyone yet. I look towards the start I see everyone there. Had I missed the flag indicating that the heat had stopped due to too little wind.

2nd attempt! Start wasn't so good now.
Was somewhere in the back of the field, luckily my heat went well, everything planned, and didn't fall. At several buoys there were people in the water and I caught up with people myself. Very happy with the heat itself. It turned out that I even made it to the final.

Final heat 3
Start was not good, fell silent in the field. Had to start at the back, and that with so-many top players in the track gave few chances for a high score. In front of me was a male or 6 close together, that went quite wrong with the first one, I think they all went in, except for 1. I went well around it, so I was able to catch up with a few. Fortunately, the heat itself went well, not fallen.9thduring a heat of a BK. GOOD WORK!

Heat 4
Start was better, was really somewhere in the middle, at the first buoy it was relatively busy again. Had to swerve considerably, fell silent, but fortunately did not fall in. On the way after the 2nd buoy I sat right next to someone else all the time, I sat in front of him, but not much, I had front entrance at the buoy, took it, but he didn't expect that, he had to swerve and went in. Rest of the heat went well. Easily made it to the final.

Final heat 4
Wind was now getting very strong, was really full, especially downwind towards the side it was heavy. Fortunately, I know the Punt well.
Start was pretty good, but on the way to the 1st buoy a few fast guys passed by. First buoy was easy once. The rest of the heat did not go well, always fell silent (waves too high) Did not always dare to go full.13th.

Heat 5
TOO MUCH WIND! Control was 0. At the first buoy in it, 2x water start, ample wind back to the shore, could only keep sail open, board kept coming up.. Decided to stop: Sailed to the race boat and logged me off.

Final heat 5
I didn't sail it myself, but a spectacular and super exciting one. Nikaj and Pascal were so close that whoever finished ahead of the other would win. They really flew over the water, Koen Sonck and Patrick Van Hoof couldn't get to it. Nikaj and Pascal often sat next to or right behind each other. Nikaj was a bit ahead on the 2nd rak, but due to a flurry he lost control a bit and got too high at the buoy, then had to gybe very wide so Pascal was next to him again when they were up to speed again. Finally, Nikaj managed to win by about 10 meters!

One of my best matches, unfortunately few acquaintances participated.

De Punt

11:00 2 hour Wind: W 20/35 kts
Board: Starboard S-Type 104 - C3 D2 36cm
Sail: North RAM F8 6.3 - North Viper Wave 430cm - Neil Pryde X9 180-230
14:00 0.5 hour Wind: W/SW
Board: JP Freestyle Wave 84 II - Select Eagle 27cm
Sail: North Trans-Am 5.4 - North Gold 430cm - Chinook Pro 1 Alloy 165-227
  (machine translated in 2023) 2nd time I switched from a 6+ sail to the Trans-Am because the wind was too strong. Both times it didn't work out great. Now slightly longer trapeze strings, but perhaps still too short. Sail just didn't feel good, maybe the wind was just too hard. Just couldn't keep the sail closed.